MINICOM Concludes Series of Capacity Building Workshops for Cross Border Traders

Through Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project (GLTFP), Ministry of Trade and Industry has been conducting a series of Capacity Building Workshop for Cross Border Traders of Rusizi and Rubavu Districts on a wide ranging Cross Border Trade matters. More than 200 traders from different cooperatives in both Districts attended the workshops from December 16-20th, 2019.
The main objective of this capacity building activity was to provide the district officials and Cross border traders in Rubavu and Rusizi districts with the necessary skills required to improve the cross border trade activities.

This was done through: Strengthening the knowledge and build skills of district officials on existing national/regional policies/strategies, initiatives to facilitate cross border trade; reinforce knowledge and build skills of Cross Border Traders and CBT cooperative leaders on CBT related regional market requirements, procedures and on cooperative and business management; raise general awareness among cross border traders on government initiatives aimed at facilitating cross border trade especially cross border market facilities; enable cross border traders understand the custom procedures and take necessary skills on the opportunities existing for small cross border traders; increase awareness of trade and investment agreements;  understanding opportunities offered by Export Growth Fund EGF as we promote exports and awareness of Trade agreements and opportunities arising from them (preferential markets in EAC, COMESA, Tripartite Free Trade Area Opportunities, AfCTFA and other areas of interest to the targeted exporters in export initiatives.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry will continue capacity building of exporters on the concluded trade agreements in order to maximize the potential under these agreements. Training of men and women exporters in non-traditional export sectors and traditional sectors remains a key priority for the Ministry.