Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA)

Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) is the national aviation authority of the Republic of Rwanda. RCAA is affiliated to the Ministry of Infrastructure. RCAA was mandated to regulate and oversee all aspects of civil aviation. In the past, the institution has undergone legal reforms which have greatly impacted the execution of its operations in ensuring safety, security and infrastructural development.

RCAA is implementing the biggest component of the Project which is upgrading the Infrastructure at Kamembe airport in Rwanda which will cost US$14.2 million. Support had been also provided to the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) to develop navigation infrastructure and improve security at Kamembe Airport. Kamembe is the closest operational air gateway for Bukavu, a city of 1 million people in DRC, which is only 7km away. RCAA will ensure that the procurement of key goods as well as on-going works on Kamembe Airport is completed on time. For more details, go to: